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A trip around the world wide web

Notes from my internet adventures:

— Carla and I spent some time roaming Facebook at our meeting this week, and found that there are lots of like-minded projects popping up all over the place! So exciting and inspiring! We can’t wait to get this going first in our neighborhood, and then help other Chicago neighborhoods organize their own Fix-Ups!

— This organization in New York, Fixers Collective, looks a lot like we hope to look in the near future!

— We’ve been beating the heat indoors, rewatching some of the videos made by the folks at The Story of Stuff. If you haven’t seen any of these, you are missing out! Prepare to have your eyes and mind opened!

— Whenever I’m looking for a solution to organization, decoration, or reparation in my home, I head straight to Apartment Therapy first! Here’s a link to their projects posts.

— What are your go-to project sites? Seen any good films lately about sustainable living? Read a book? Share with us and with the rest of our followers in the comments!

Have a fun, safe weekend! And don’t forget to design a logo for us!

— Ally

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