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What Can I Bring to a Fix-Up?

We’re sure people are wondering which kinds of things are acceptable to bring to a Fix-Up, and which aren’t. Here are some suggestions. Again, this is subject to change until we’ve got a few Fix-Up sessions under our belts.

– Clothes in need of mending/new buttons/patches

– Lamps that won’t switch on

– Kitchen appliances in need of repair

– Easy bike repairs

Feel free to bring in items not on this list, but as our What’s a Fix-Up post states, there is no guarantee you will leave with a fully repaired item. And again, this isn’t a drop-off clinic. This is a community effort to fix what we’ve got instead of replacing it. The earlier you arrive at a Fix-Up, the better chance you have of leaving with a repaired item.

We plan to have themed Fix-Ups in the future, as well as skill-sharing workshops. This is all still coming together, so please give us your input! This isn’t just our project, it’s the community’s project!

3 comments on “What Can I Bring to a Fix-Up?

  1. Felicia Johnson
    November 8, 2012

    I would like to see a wood refinishing clinic started. It’s not something to be done in one day, but how many people have things that could be made like new if they knew how to refinish them?

    • communityglueworkshop
      November 8, 2012

      Funny, I was just at a wood refinishing clinic that I organized last night for work! Due to the chemicals and time involved, it is difficult to do hands-on workshops, especially in a cafe space, but Ally and I are always toying with ideas. Things keep evolving, so keep the ideas coming and stay tuned! Best, Carla

      • Felicia Johnson
        November 8, 2012

        I think even if there was something set up somewhere for advice where people could bring something in, see what they need to do, do it, then bring it back for the next step, etc. it would be helpful. At a cafe this would be awkward to be sure, but it would be nice if someplace could be found for occasional use to do this.

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