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An eventful week. It just keeps getting better, folks.

Last week was rather exciting for we two organizers!

Community Glue Workshop was the subject of a post on an NPR blog Wednesday. That blog post caught the eye of a news radio station in Melbourne, Australia and a producer gave us a call! Ally was interviewed by a morning radio show host with a penchant for adhesives, Red Symons. Unfortunately, the audio is not archived on the station’s web site yet so we’re waiting for the producer to send us the clip. It wasn’t the straightest interview, so you aren’t missing much, just Ally trying steer Red’s fixation on glue options toward the greater mission of our initiative.

In other inspiring news, we tuned into a webinar about how to start a community tool library. Founders of four different tool libraries across the country contributed to the presentation, and explained how they got started and some challenges they have encountered along the way. Getting one of these going is on our short list of future endeavors. With some funding and a lot of community support, it seems entirely doable. As always, we welcome all interested parties to help us make it happen! You can watch the webinar here. Our favorite factoid from the presentation is this: the average power drill is only used 12-13 minutes in its lifetime. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

We are gearing up for our next Fix-Up session, and hope you are too. We’ll be at Kitchen Sink on Saturday, August 25, from 6pm –  9pm. It’ll be the same deal as last time: free, BYOB, cafe offering delicious food and drink, children welcome! Bring something you need fixed, or just come to see what it’s all about. We had a great turnout last month and look forward to meeting more neighbors this month!

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