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August Fix-Up Session Round-Up

Wowee, another successful Fix-Up last weekend. This time, we set up a free bike repair zone on the sidewalk in front of the cafe (right??), and fixed all sorts of things inside as well! Yes, we’re planning to do the bike repair station again, believe us–we even had a bike work stand donated–and next time we’ll actually have the foresight to bring our own bikes! What wasn’t fixable due to missing parts was diagnosed with repair instructions, because that’s how our crew of Fixers do. It was, by all accounts, a fun and successful night. A big thank you to our wonderful corps of volunteers and to everyone who brought in their broken items or just came to hang out and see what we were working on. We even got to solder this week!

Here’s what was tackled on Saturday:

  • a too-slow turnable now plays just right
  • bike fixers Fred and Mary Jo got a broken bell and a lock holder back in commission
  • we also repaired some training wheels, removed another set (and witnessed the first training wheel-free ride!), and possibly began grooming young Frances to become a bike mechanic
  • a decorative wooden sign from a kid’s room was put back together
  • children’s shoes were rejuvenated with fresh velcro and repaired elastic
  • a skirt torn en route to the event was mended quickly while the owner waited in the bathroom
  • Stu used his 3D printer to replace a broken part of a coffee brewer basket for Kitchen Sink
  • A mirror frame that had been broken and waiting for TLC for 20 years underwent Part 1 of it’s full recovery
  • And the prize for the most unique fix of the night goes to Tim’s vintage slide viewers!

We diagnosed some problems, as well. Hopefully they will come to our next event so we can see the remedies.

Here are some photos of Saturday night’s Fix-Up session. For the full set, click here for the Facebook album.

The next Fix-Up will be at Kitchen Sink on Sunday, Sept. 30, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Hope to see you there! Bring your friends, the hoarder who lives in your apartment building, and also your kids–the little ones seem to be having a great time at these events!

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