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Next repair clinic is Sunday, August 19th with special focus on DENIM!

In addition to offering our full gamut of regular repairs, we’ll also have the ability to do some seriously sweet denim repair this month! Grab those battered dungarees or that Breakfast Club-inspired jean jacket––we gotchu.

*Please be sure your denim is CLEAN. Jeans are delightfully durable, but they also absorb all kinds of sweat and dirt, so they must be washed beforehand. As a general courtesy to our sewing crew, clothes in general should be washed before they are brought in for repairs. Nobody wants to get up close and personal with someone else’s funky fabrics.

What we can do:

  • We’ll have supplies to do basic denim repair: fusible interfacing, an iron, denim sewing machine needles, assorted denim-y colored thread, some metal denim studs/rivets. Even without an industrial machine, we should be able to do some almost-invisible repair, AND some visible mending with colored fabric, etc., if that’s your jam.

What we can not do:

  • More complicated alterations. We can offer shortening, but that’s our limit. You’ll have to go to a tailor for the tricker, more time consuming stuff.

No worries if you’re a Chinos-only kinda human, we can still work on your broken drawers (the other kind), electronics, ceramics, etc. as usual.

See you on the 19th!

Clinic details:

  • Sunday, August 19th
  • 4pm-7pm
  • Edgewater Workbench
  • 1130 W. Thorndale Ave (just off the Thorndale red line stop)



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