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May 2019 repair clinic highlights!

There were an exceptional number of sewing wins this month, including some really cool felt-darning (who knew?). Word on the street is that with every wash the felt repair gets even softer––especially delightful when we’re talking about the heel area, which can be super scratchy and irritating with only the slightest fabric bump.

I also learned a new term this session: sewist. “Seamstress” seemed horribly dated and gendered, and one of our amazing volunteers gave me the heads-up on this alternative term, which combines “sew” with “artist,” removes the implication that this is “woman’s work,” and welcomes folks like me into a new century. SO NEAT.

We’ll be taking the month of June off due to Father’s Day, Pride festivities, and a myriad of travel plans, so stay tuned for July dates!

Best!  -Carla and The CGW Crew


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