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Community Glue Repair Clinic at Plant Chicago’s Farmers Market – Saturday, September 7th!

Community Glue Workshop is doing its annual pilgrimage to The Plant on Saturday, September 7th! Come visit us for the same great service you always get at our repair clinics, but also check out all of the other groups we get to share space with and learn more about what this 93,000sf wonderland has to offer. Please note that we will be inside the building for the event, not out in the yard, but we encourage you to check it ALL out. A tour of the building will happen at 11:30.

When: Saturday, September 7th, 11am – 3pm

Where: The Plant, 1400 W 46th St, Chicago, Illinois 60609

Cost: Free as always!

Community Glue Workshop hosts free, monthly repair clinics and our local, mechanically-inclined volunteers will work on just about any busted, torn, or short-circuited item you can fit through the front door. All are welcome, and donations accepted but definitely not required.

Things we have successfully repaired in the past:
– clothes
– jewelry
– bikes
– kitchen appliances
– ceramics
– furniture
– instruments
– vacuums
– toys (water guns, trucks, figurines, etc.)
– knick-knacks
– etc. etc. etc.

We’re always up for a challenge. We’ve got the hive mind on our side! For more information, check out or

Inspired by the “repair cafe” movement in Amsterdam, Community Glue Workshop’s goals are to divert repairable items from the waste stream, encourage critical thinking, debunk the relentless myth that newer is better, and foster community.

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