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November 7th Repair Clinic! Pandemic Edition #2

Well, we had so much fun in October that we’re squeezing in one last clinic this year. It may be the last one for quite a while due to Covid-19 and weather, but the weather sure looks good this weekend!

Here’s how it will run:

We’ll meet in the afternoon of Saturday, November 7 from 1-4pm in the backyard of the Family Matters building in Rogers Park (see poster for details)

  • We’ll have folding tables and chairs at least 6′ apart for the Fixers.
  • Everybody wears a mask 100% of the time (you, and us).
  • Our greeter team will be set up at the entrance to the yard with extra cleaning supplies.
  • Guests bring their items to the front desk to explain what kind of repair is desired. Please note:
    • All cloth items must be freshly laundered.
    • All other items must be able to be wiped down completely with provided wipes.
  • The front desk team brings the item to the appropriate Fixer for repair.
  • We take your cell phone numbers and will text you when the repair is complete, to avoid having folks congregate in a large group while they wait.
  • All items must be collected by the end of the event or you risk having the item put out in the alley–sorry, we don’t have storage for this stuff! It needs to be back in your hands by 4pm.

Please note that parking is somewhat limited as this building is on a residential street, so give yourself a little extra time. We’d highly recommend bringing your item in early so that we’ll have time to get to it before we wrap up at 4:00. Items will be repaired in the order that we receive them. If you bring multiple things, we may not have time to fix all of them in the interest of allowing others to have their items repaired as well.

Your broken things help heal all that which may be wonky in our worlds––can’t wait to see you all.


The CGW Crew


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