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Next Clinic is Sunday, May 22nd!

We’re back up north this month! We’ll be outside at Family Matters, 7731 N. Marshfield in Rogers Park. As usual, all our repairs (or diagnoses if we aren’t able to do the repair) are FREE.


When? Sunday, May 22nd from 10am-1pm (we need to be totally wrapped up by 1pm so come early if you can)

Where? Family Matters, 7731 N. Marshfield in Rogers Park

Who? You and anyone you know, even peripherally

What to bring? We will look at and likely repair most things. Clothes, electronics, ceramics, etc., we’ve seen it all.

Do you need to fix anything? Nope, in fact we are keeping things separate until we’re further out of this pandemic, so you’ll just drop off what you have and we’ll take care of the rest!


We’ll meet in the afternoon from 10am-1pm in the backyard of the Family Matters building in Rogers Park.

We’ll set up our fixing tables behind the building for our volunteers/fixing crew.

All cloth items must be freshly laundered.

Guests bring their items to the front check-in table to explain what kind of repair is needed. The front desk team brings your item(s) to the appropriate volunteer for repair.

Once the item is dropped off with us, guests are free to get a coffee in the neighborhood, check out the lake, do whatever feels good knowing their items are being checked out and (hopefully) repaired! If your item can’t be repaired due to a specific part that needs replacing, health hazards, etc., we’ll give you the diagnosis when you come to get your item so you’ll leave with information no matter what. And information is power.

We take your cell phone numbers and text you when the repair is complete, to avoid having folks congregate in a large group while they wait.

All items must be collected by the end of the event or you risk having the item put out in the alley (Sorry, we don’t have storage for this stuff! It needs to be back in your hands by 1pm)·

Guests leave with smiles on their faces and tell their friends about the virtues of repair.

See you soon!

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