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First Clinic at Historic Lathrop Homes!

On September 18th we ventured away from our Edgewater/Rogers Park locations for our first repair clinic at Lathrop Homes, a 1938 public housing development, recently repaired, restored and turned into mixed-income housing. Check out some pics below!

This entire development was threatened in recent years after decades of neglect by the CHA. Countless developers were interested in flattening the entire development for new construction because of its general location and the fact that it runs along the river, making it choice real estate. Fortunately, one developer made a strong enough case to keep most of the original buildings…and, thankfully, many of the existing residents as well. Every single restored building at Lathrop–not just sections of the overall development–is mixed income. This is highly unusual and also important.

We were able to use the amazing workshop and open green space of Bluestem Building + Restoration, a trades co-op located in a section of Lathrop designated for commercial use. Parking was ample and free and the weather was nothing short of gorgeous. Our repair success rate was pretty near 100%!

We’ll be back at Lathrop on Sunday, October 16th from 1-4pm. We’ll post separately about it, so stay tuned.


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