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October 2022 Clinic Highlights

This was only our second time working out of Lathrop Homes, and we weren’t sure what to expect, but we had folks bring us items from Rogers Park to Midway. We caught up with people we haven’t seen at the clinics in years, and most excitingly, we had residents of Lathrop bring us items as well—it was a busy Sunday. This is only a sampling of the work.

Becoming a trusted resource in a new place can take a long time, so it really warmed the cockles to see that word is already getting out about what we can do in a new community.

This is Community Glue’s tenth year and frankly, it can be tough to keep things going after this many years. But these kinds of days, and the stupidly wonderful people who make up this crew, just keep mending the emotional cracks as well as the physical that develop in a struggling world. It just feels so great to be of use in a direct and immediate way. And then to warm up, after hours of repairing beloved and critical items, by drinking a hot chocolate with mezcal with others who feel the same way. (We’ve become quickly fond of the nearby cafe-bar.)

See y’all next month. Put November 13th on the calendar.

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