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First Clinic of the Year! This Sunday, January 22nd.

Come get your stuff fixed at our first clinic of the year, which just so happens to coincide with everyone’s favorite holiday, National Hot Sauce Day!

Hot sauce is already perfect so we won’t be repairing it, we are merely mentally and spiritually dedicating our efforts this round to the magical power of Cholula, Crystal, El Yucateco, Co-op, Frank’s Red Hot, Melinda’s, Tabasco, Tapatio, Texas Pete, Trappey’s, Valentina, all giardinieras, and so many more peppery joy-givers.

Our friends at Bluestem Restoration are hosting us again, and we’re eager to see what y’all broke or dragged out of the attic this round.

Free parking on street and in lot.

We have a hard stop at 3pm, so please bring your items on the early side to ensure we have time to work on it.


  • Clothes (please wash in advance)
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Ceramics
  • Small furniture (chairs, etc.)
  • Toys
  • Knick-knacks & tchotchkes
  • Broken Hearts? I mean, I think we’re pretty good looking.
  • …basically, just bring in anything and we’ll do what we can (unless it’s a printer, in which case we will likely call the time of death without even opening it up)


  • *Please wash any clothing you want us to mend. It’s the right thing to do.
  • We have a parking lot and there’s plenty of street parking (all free)
  • Bring your item(s) to the check-in table and explain what’s wrong, then y’all are free to get a coffee or a sandwich at Hexe Coffee Co., check out the area, run to the bank, write a poem, master some origami
  • We’ll take your cell phone number and will text or call you when the repair is complete!
  • All items must be collected by the end of the event or you risk having the item put out in the alley (Sorry, we don’t have storage space for this stuff…we ramble)·

See y’all there! 

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