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Right now, we’re mostly seeking in-kind donations. What kind of in-kind donations?

Here are some:

Donate your time!

We’re always looking for volunteers to lend a hand at our clinics! If you’ve ever fixed something, we want you! No formal training or credentials are required, just a desire to help out, a little experience, and a bit of ingenuity. Some tools related to your specialty wouldn’t hurt, either, but we’ve got some you can use. We’re looking for woodworkers, amateur (or professional, why not?) electricians, techie types, bike mechanics, sewing machine captains, blade sharpeners, adhesive aficionados, and other hands-on people. E-mail if you’re interested, and we’ll follow up with information.

Donate your monies!

It has always been important to us to keep these clinics free so that anyone, regardless of income, can have their items repaired. Our volunteers bring their own tools and supplies, so it would be fantastic if you helped us replenish our wide variety of glues, light sockets, solder, etc. Want to be a real superstar? Sponsor a t-shirt run! We would love to have more printed and available for purchase while making people look good wearing our logo. Contact if you’re interested. We will, of course, give you a heartfelt shoutout on our website and social media.

Donate your ideas!

Got a great idea for a reuse project? Would you like to host an educational workshop? Do you have access to resources that might be useful to us? Are you interested in partnering with us for an event or something more long-term? Listen, we’re always happy to discuss! E-mail

5 comments on “Donate

  1. twopowers1
    July 30, 2012

    Can someone use your space to fix their own stuff? Apartment dwellers are at a distinct disadvantage.

    • communityglueworkshop
      July 30, 2012

      We couldn’t agree more. We don’t have a dedicated space, but will be hosting another fix-up at the Kitchen Sink cafe on August 25th. We will be posting more info when everything is finalized. You are welcome to bring in your broken stuff then and we’ll have tools and help on hand.

  2. twopowers1
    July 30, 2012

    Thank you. I may take you up on it!

  3. Laurie
    August 22, 2013

    I see that you can donate just about anything but an item.:( I saw your piece last night and what an amazing idea and story to help – truly to help in every sense of the meaning. I live in VA. My husband bought a Gaggia Super Automatic coffee maker 4 years ago. The mother board got fried unfortunately when we unknowingly plugged the maker into a 220V outlet that the electrician didn’t replace with a 120V. After reaching out to the site where we bought the machine with no luck we are here with this $1200 coffee maker that is currently broken. I would happily send it to you for you to fix in your own time and ask you to keep it as a donation so that all of you can enjoy coffee as you help the community fix all of its treasures. I realize this is a long message to basically say – I’ll donate my broken coffee maker to you if you want it.

    • communityglueworkshop
      September 3, 2013

      Hello! Very sorry for the delay, but we’ve been catching up on lots of emails and other works since the NBC program aired. This might be an exception that we would make as it would either benefit through coffee making or through a sale that could generate some monies to replenish some much-needed supplied. Would you mind emailing me at Thank you so very much for thinking of us and for your generosity! Best, Carla

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