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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Community Glue Repair Clinics

While we try and hold our clinics on the third Sunday of each month, our schedules don’t always comply! We will post to confirm the date each month, so keep a look out! 

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If you’d like to volunteer as a fixer, email

Or just show up with your tools, we don’t mind.

3 comments on “Upcoming Events

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  2. David Barry
    April 23, 2018

    Good Afternoon, A fb friend posted about a recent event today. Although I have never heard of your organizatio, I find it very interesting. Have you ever held such a workshop in suburbs? Please let me know as I’m a member of a library foundation and I think that it may be a great way to draw people into their local library.

    • communityglueworkshop
      April 23, 2018

      Hi David! Because we are an all-volunteer initiative, we tend to stay local to ensure that we respect the time of our volunteers – they’ve already given up so many Sundays!. That said, repair clinics have popped up at various times in the suburbs, so there may be one nearer to you. We also hope that you may come check out one of our clinics soon, of course, and if you have any questions about how something like this might be replicated in the suburbs, I’m happy to share our successes and lessons learned. Our next repair clinic will be Sunday, May 20th. Thank you so much for your interest in what we do! -Carla

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